Happy Safer Internet Day

Happy Safer Internet Day!! Yesterday, 5EM discussed the meaning of ‘identity’ and how this is used on the internet.

Shadow Puppets

In D and T, the children learnt about levers and linkages to make Chinese New Year shadow puppets.

Budding photographers.

Y2 are enjoying their computing session this morning. They’re working with Mr Brown to improve their photography skills.

⚽️ Our Reception Team ⚽️

⚽️⚽️ Reception’s football team went to the Etihad, they were treated to a skills session before playing their first competition against other school teams!...   Read More

Art Day In Nursery

The children spent time drawing a self portrait this morning. They focussed on including all of their facial features. Once they had completed this,...   Read More

Art day 🎨

Reception and preschool had an amazing art day! The children spent the morning learning about Dieter Roth, an artist who used food stuffs in...   Read More

Year 5 DT Day

Year 5 have really enjoyed their DT day making traffic lights and Chair-o-planes using the Crumble kits!

Art Day!

Art day has fully flourished in Reception 1 today as we have been exploring texture in creating landscapes. Firstly we looked at the artist...   Read More

Rights Respecting School Councillors meet Manchester Healthy Schools

Our Rights Respecting School Councillors and Eco Warriors from years 1 to 6 had a visit from Manchester Healthy Schools today. The children came...   Read More

The children are enjoying their art day. They’ve been looking at Tim Cotterill (the frog man). They’ve spent their morning looking at his work,...   Read More

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