Safer Internet Day

Today was Safer Internet Day, so we looked at how we can protect our identity online. We decided to create our own avatars, which...   Read More

Keeping your children safe online

Thank you to those parents who attended our E-safety meeting this afternoon. For those that weren’t able to attend we gave the following advice;...   Read More

Safer Internet Day

Safer internet day!

The children participated in e-safety day in class, they listened and interacted in a story all about Smartie the Penguin, Smartie was navigating the...   Read More

Internet Safety

Our children were learning about internet safety today. They were celebrating things that were unique about themselves and discussing their favourite things to do...   Read More

Safer Internet Day 2020

Today is Safer Internet Day. We looked at how we are all unique, and have our own identity. The children made their own avatar....   Read More

#FREETOBEME – Internet Safety Day

Year 1 listened to ‘Buddy the Dog’s Internet Safety Story’ and discussed how they could still enjoy and use the internet whilst being safe...   Read More

We Are Photographers

We have been learning how to edit photographs in year 2 this week.  

Internet Safety Day

As a class we discussed what the internet is. We also spoke about information that is personal to us and what information must never...   Read More

Year 5 Safer Internet Day

Year 5 have been learning all about how to stay safe online by protecting our identity. #freetobe

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