⚽️🏃‍♂️🏏Sport this Half term🏏🎾⚽️

We’ve been busy this half term enjoying lots of new sports during our P.E. Lessons and in our Lunchtime and After-school clubs! Tom has...   Read More

⚽️⚽️ Year 2 Champions ⚽️⚽️

👏⚽️Today our Year 2 Football Team took part in a champions of champions tournament! They battled hard against tough opponents, showing great sportsmanship and...   Read More

End of the half term

We have a have had a busy half term especially for our Year 2 and 6 children who will completed their statutory SATs tests....   Read More

Using Our Imaginations

Reception enjoyed using their imaginations today to create their own games, working together as a team and finding new uses for particular objects. Please...   Read More

Visit To Staircase House

Sentence Types

In English, we looked at different sentence types (command, question and exclamation sentences). We used a painting of the Great Fire of London to...   Read More

3D Shapes

In maths, we looked at different ways we could group 3D shapes. The children really impressed me by grouping shapes by their properties. Good...   Read More

Angel Falls Adverts

5LH have been learning all about the world’s largest waterfall, Angel Falls. They worked in partners to research and then created a persuasive advert...   Read More

Manchester City Healthy Lifestyles

Burgers this week from our superstar chefs – healthy and delicious!

SATs are over

SATs are over so we decided to have the afternoon off to watch a film and have extra play as a little well done...   Read More

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