Royal Wedding Celebrations!

Nursery enjoyed taking part in the whole school Royal wedding celebrations today. The children enjoyed learning about the royal family, watching clips of previous...   Read More

Royal Wedding Celebrations 🎉

As part of our celebrations for the upcoming royal nuptials, we have been busy looking at the royal family tree. Some of us had...   Read More

Royal Wedding Celebrations

Reception have had a fantastic time celebrating the Royal Wedding. We made and decorated flags and bunting and then we wrote party invitations to...   Read More

Nebula Background

We have been making nebula backgrounds for our Eugenia loli artwork using different materials such as paint.  

Nebula artwork

On Friday we created our background of our space work. We used different materials such as oil pastels, paint and chalk. We had a...   Read More

Nebula Art

In my class we all did nebula art . We used oil pastels,paint,chalk,pencils. We did this because in topic we are learning about space

Nebula Art

We have been making Nebula art in Science the materials are chalk, paint, oil pastels, crayons. In this piece of art the colours we...   Read More

Galaxy Art


Our Tadpoles Are Frogs!!!

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