Poetry With Ian Bland

Poetry with Ian Bland! 3JW loved the KS2 assembly with Ian Bland this morning and our personal poetry workshop! We created fantastic poems and...   Read More

Wear Blue Day!

Thank you to everyone who supported Wear Blue Day to raise awareness for anti-bullying!

Poetry Day – Ian Bland 📝

Today we had a brilliant day listening to, writing and performing poetry. This morning we had an assembly where we listened to (and helped!)...   Read More

2AW Art Day

Year two had an exciting art day looking at a range of African animals. We created 3D animals from modroc and painted them. We...   Read More

Going Shopping

This week in Reception 2, we have been looking at different jobs which people may do. In the role play area we made a...   Read More

Manchester City Healthy Lifestyles Club

Well done to our superstar chefs Finlay, Elizsha, Kyle, Riley, Mohamed and Aaliyah! They made turkey burgers today and were kind enough to make...   Read More

Writing Dialogue!

Writing dialogue in our English Lesson! 3JW were writing dialogue in English between two characters from our book, Escape from Pompeii. Tranio and Livia...   Read More

Counting Legs!

The children have been counting legs in maths today! Claudia’s journal shows all the different methods and ways she could show her understanding. I...   Read More

Wear Blue Day

A reminder that tomorrow is ‘Wear Blue Day’ at Rack House to promote anti- bullying week. It would be great to see all the...   Read More

Art Day 5LH

5LH have been very busy today with our Art Day. We spent all morning making Mayan masks out of clay, and in the afternoon...   Read More

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