Rock Detectives!

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3JW investigated rocks and minerals this week in Science, investigating different rock types and how we can classify them!

The children enjoyed touching, looking at and investigating a range of rocks and they loved being able to classify them in their own ways! Some children classified the rocks by the texture, some by being permeable and non-permeable or by putting them into the three main rock types. The children used water, their knowledge and discussion to put them into groups using a Venn diagram.

The children were very encaustic and took their roles very seriously!

Just a reminder for all parents, guardians or grandparents. Homework is given out every Friday and is due on Wednesday or Thursday morning at the latest. Reading records are checked during the week and the children have the opportunity to earn tickets for our weekly reading raffle.

Reading books are changed every Tuesday, PE is Tuesday and 3JW will also be having afternoon football for boys and girls on Thursday afternoons for this term, PE kits will be needed. Thank you!

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