Making Healthy Sandwiches

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Reception showed an interest in playing “parties”, so we decided to make some party sandwiches. We talked about how to make a healthy sandwich, and discovered that using wholemeal bread, pita or chappati were good options. Then we discussed using healthy fillings such as cheese, ham, tuna and peanut butter (instead of jam or chocolate spread!). Finally, we thought about ways of getting extra vitamins into our sandwich by adding tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce and onion. Almost all of the class wanted salad on their sandwich.
We made tally charts to find out how much ingredients we needed to buy, then went on a trip to Nisa to buy them. We wrote instructions on how to make a sandwich and read them out to help us when we made our own.
After we ate our sandwiches, we thought about what we liked about it and how we could make it better next time. Then we were able to write a review.

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  1. Michael

    Wonderful, Olivia was very keen to explain what was healthy today

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