End of the school year

Time definitely flies when you are enjoying yourself and another year has flown by! It has been a very successful year as our children have achieved and made the most of school life. We have achieved our best results in Reception, our Year 1 children achieved our best phonics results, and our Year 2 & 6 children performed exceptionally well in their SATs.

Our children have also had a fantastic sporting year where they have achieved great results in football, netball and especially tennis. Our children represented Manchester in tennis because they had done so well in the various competitions. All this has assisted in the children achieving the Gold Mark for sports again. This is a fantastic achievement and one for all the children and staff to be proud of. A member of our community who left for MHA last year, Kylan Depeiaza, has come runner up for a sports award in Manchester. This is a great personal award for Kylan, we are very proud of him.

Also as a school we have achieved the bronze award for being a Rights Respecting School for children. We will be moving forward next year with this as a school to hopefully obtain the silver award. Again this is a huge well done to our children and staff for achieving this award.

In March of this year we had the pleasure of OFSTED entering the school and seeing the fantastic things that our children produce as a school. OFSTED were impressed and will be coming back soon to see how well we are doing. They thought we were close to being outstanding we are looking forward to welcoming them back.

Our Year 6 children leave today and had their graduation where they were recognised for their achievements at Rack House. It was great to see them so happy and we know that they will become valuable members of our society who will have lots to offer in the upcoming years. Each and every child will be welcomed back when they come to see us and we will take an active interest in learning how well they are doing at their new settings.

We will start again in September where all children move up a year and go to the next stage in their education and I’m sure they are looking forward to being in their new classes with their new teachers!

As a school we are having some building work completed in the summer and we will have all Years 3-6 classes on one side of the corridor. We will commence Two year Old Provision in September for the first time and we look forward to embracing the children into our community at a younger age!

We have staff moving on to new adventures and new staff coming to us for September to carry on the excellent work that is being achieved in school.

May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a great summer where you can all relax and enjoy yourselves. Enjoy spending time with your children as they grow up so fast and you never get these years back! I hope the fantastic weather continues as we all feel better in the sun and we can meet back on Tuesday 4th September at 8.45am. Have a great summer!

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  1. Thanks so much teachers for all you have done for me while being at Rack House. I hope your future classes are good too. Thanks a lot Mr Amesbury.
    From Y6MW child, Charlie.

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