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Once again it is that time of year when our Year 6 children obtain their SATs results. We have once again had a fantastic year with the children achieving fantastically well. The results were as follows;


School % 2018 ARE
Reading 78  ( 29% GD) 75%
Writing 92  ( 32% GD) 78%
Maths 95  ( 57% GD) 76%
SPAG 84  ( 43% GD)) 78%
Combined RWM 78  ( 29% GD) 64% ( GD 9% 2017)

As can be seen our children once again have achieved incredibly well and have smashed the nationally averages, well done Year 6.


In Year 2 the results are as follows;

  School %


2017 National Average %
Reading 62% (13% GD) 76%   (25% GD)


Writing 62% (12% GD) 68%   (16% GD)


Maths 63% (18% GD) 75%   (21% GD)


Combined RWM 53% (10% GD) 64%


Science 75% 83%



Once again, our Year 2 children have achieved fantastically well and are on their way to achieving great results inn Year 6!


In Year 1 89% of our pupils passed the phonics test compared to 80% Nationally in 2017. Again you can see that our children have achieved so well in comparison to other children.


In Reception we have a Rack House high of 64% of pupils achieving GLD, which sets our children on their way to achieving such good results throughout school.


None of the above can happen without your support in getting the children to school and reminding the children of the importance of their education in helping them progress throughout life. I would like to thank all parents for supporting their children and the school in achieving such fantastic results across all ages and year groups in 2018.


This shows that with the hard work of the children and staff, our children do extremely well and achieve the education we think they deserve. When we add on the extras with after school clubs, visits and our success jn sports, it has been another fantastic year!



Royal Northern College of Music

Our Year 6 Steel Pan Drummers had the special experience of playing their drums inside the RNCM with 2 other schools. The children were absolutely exceptional and as well as having an experience of a lifetime, made all of us very proud. Well done to all with a special thanks to Mr Calame for organizing it all.


Year 5 & 6 performance

This year, due to time restraints we had a performance carried out by our Upper Key Stage 2 children. Mary Poppins was performed on Wednesday and Thursday evenings and the children were magnificent. They delivered the songs and dances as if they were professionals. Ewe have a fantastic group of children at Rack House who always produce magnificent performances and I can’t wait for next years!


A Special thanks Mrs Power, Miss Worthington, Miss O’Connor, Miss Hodgkins, Mrs Baird, Miss Walsh,Miss White  Mr Martin, Mrs Anstee and Mr Johnson for set designs, rehearsals, and choreography as they gave their time freely on ensuring the musical was such a success! Not forgetting Mrs Morgan and her staff for feeding everybody on both nights!


A special thanks to Mr Power for supporting the school in the lightining and sound to ensure the performance was so professional.


Finally many thanks to Mr Smith for filming the event and allowing us to have treasured memories.


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  1. Great to see such a fantastic result!

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