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I hope everyone had a great half term and thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks off in the lovely sunshine. The weather really does make a huge difference and I hope you took advantage of it to enjoy yourselves. We have a busy half term ahead and I have listed the events which will be taking place.

Can you please note that we have put back the Year5/6 production by a day which will enable more practice by the children. I hope this does not cause any inconvenience and have attempted to inform you as soon as we could.


12th Possibly Phonic Screening Tests week

25th  Formative Testing Week

21st Summer Solstice Assembly (Year 5 JW)

22nd Own Clothes Day

27th Sports Day KS2 9.30am, KS1.30pm

29th Summer Fayre 2pm – 5pm



11h  Summer Performance (AP)

12th  Summer Performance (AP)

13th Class hand-over afternoon

20th  School Closes, Y 6 Leavers Performance, Assembly and trip out.


Own Clothes Day for the Summer Fayre

Next Friday 22nd June we will be having an ‘own clothes day’ and we are asking for donations of sweets, drink and anything else that we can use for the Summer Fayre Tombola. This is always a popular stall because you are always so generous with your donations.

A reminder that the Summer Fayre is running between 2-5pm on Friday 29th June and there will be food on the menu to ensure that you do not have to cook for your children after attending for the full 3 hours!

In all seriousness, food is available if you wish to use this facility and it would be great to see everyone walking around the stalls if you can make it.


Reception Children

From Monday 18th June, our Reception children will gain entry to school via the Year 3 door (Miss Clark’s class door) on the main playground. This will promote independence and allow the children to enter school on their own in preparation for Year 1.



We are currently working with a new IT provider for all Year 2 children and parents to be interactive with the school. We currently have 30 of the 60 parents signed up to this app. Please come into school and speak to Mrs Ward and Miss Brown who will assist in getting this app onto your phone. This works like facebook and allows you to ask direct questions to teachers and see what your child is doing in school.

Transition Day

The children will meet their new teachers on Friday 13th July, in the afternoon and you are invited into school to meet the teachers from 2.30pm. This will enable you to meet your child’s new teacher and to allay any fears your children may have moving up year groups and in some case, new key stages.




The classes will be as follows;



Miss Conway will lead the provision.

Two year Old Provision

Mrs Bartholemew, Mrs Smith, Mrs Assad



Mrs Starczewska, Mrs Betts and Mrs Buckley (Nee Miss Ingram)

(with Mrs Bailey & Mrs Scholes )


Reception – Miss Holden (with Mrs Matthews) and Miss Curbishley (with Mrs McCormick).  Individual parents will be informed which classes their children are going into.


Key Stage 1

Mrs Ward to lead the provision


Year 1

Miss Hall (with Mrs Rowley) will take over Miss Holdens’ class.

Miss McGovern (with Mrs K Conway) will take Miss S Conways’ class.


Year 2

Mrs Aslam will move up to year 2 and take her class with her (with Mrs McKinlay),

Miss Brown will take Miss McGoverns’ class (with Mrs Anderson).


Lower Key Stage 2

Miss Clarke to lead the provision.


Year 3

Miss Clarke (with Mrs Clutton, Mrs Jarvis & Mrs Begum) to take Mrs Wards’ class.

Mrs Ratcliffe (with Mrs Botts) to take Miss Brown’s class


Year 4

Mr Whelan (with Mrs Mclendon & Mrs Anstee) to take Miss Clarke’s class.

Miss Williams (with Mrs Baird) to take Mr Whelans’ class.


Upper Key stage 2

Mrs Power (Nee Miss Talbot) to lead.


Year 5

Miss Hodgkins (with Mrs Watkins) to take Miss O’Connors’ class

Mr Rivers (with Miss Bonney) to take Miss Ratcliffes’ class


Year 6

Miss O’Connor (with Mr Martin) to take Miss Williams’ class.

Mrs Power (with Mrs Walsh) to take Miss Hodgkins’ class.


We have 3 new teachers joining our staff, Miss Curbishley, Miss Hall and Mr Rivers. Miss Worthington will be leaving us as she has obtained career progression at another school.

A new teaching assistant, Miss Bailey, will be joining us from September in Nursery.


We will be having some building work completed in the summer so that our Two Year Old Provision will be connected to our Nursery,

All Key Stage 2 classes will be on one corridor and all Key Stage 1 classes on the other. All will be revealed in September!


Mrs Hanson will be our SENDCo but will be moving closer to Mrs Butler and her team (Mrs Bowles, Mrs Meehan and Mr Savage) in the Resource Provision.


School Lunches

We need your support to help our children have healthy lifestyles so that together, we can ensure their healthy wellbeing.

Here is a website which provides advice on what children can eat to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


This is not a complete list but it does give some ideas; there are many websites which will assist you in choosing what may be appropriate for your children to eat.


After School Care Club

Can I remind all parents that they should contact the school office if they wish their children to attend the After School Care Club: cost, £8 per session. Can parents please book well in advance so we can assure all children can attend as we have to ensure ratios are set for adults and children.

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