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Two Year Old Provision

From September 2018, Rack House will offer provision for 2yr olds. If you have a child of this age or who will be turning two before September, you may be eligible for 15hrs free funding for your child in our provision.

Alternatively, the cost will be £15 per morning session and £15 per afternoon session. There will be places for 12 children per session.

We can also offer wrap around care at an extra cost.

If you are interested in utilising this provision, please contact Miss Conway for further details.



I am beginning to sound like a broken record with this request but we are still receiving complaints from neighbours and the council about parking on Newall Drive and Yarmouth Drive. If you use the school to drop children off can we be very careful when driving into school and dropping off or picking up please. I have had reports off parents that car drivers are not paying enough attention to pedestrians and children walking into school.


We are one of the few schools that allows cars into the school premises to pick and drop off children. If this becomes a danger to pedestrians, I will have no option other than to close the school gates to vehicles!


The local council came to school to see how to alleviate this problem because of the complaints They have been informed that some parents are parking across driveways and blocking residents in when picking up and dropping off their children for school. If vehicles are parked dangerously, not only is it inconvenient for residents, it also puts our children and parents walking to school at risk.


They have suggested that parents park in the car park of Wythenshawe Park and walk the small distance down to the school. This will mean only a 5 minute walk and as well as keeping everyone healthy, will ensure our roads are free from pollution with our roads being less congested!


The school has started a walking bus to pick children up in the mornings, where children then come into school and receive breakfast. The cost of this is £1.00 per day and may help ease congestion. If you wish to use this facility, please contact Mrs Kelly or Mrs Nilan.


Year 6 SATs

The SATs tests for our children will commence on the week commencing 14th May. The agenda for the tests is;


Monday 14 May – English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 1

English grammar, punctuation and spelling Paper 2

Tuesday 15 May – English reading test

Wednesday 16 May – Mathematics Paper 1: Arithmetic;
Thursday 17 May – Mathematics Paper 3: Reasoning


Our year 6 children are invited into school this week at 8.30am where they will receive toast, milk and fruit before they start the day. Please take advantage of this offer as it settles all the children into school before they prepare for the tests, which they are all ready for.


School Lunches

We need your support to help our children have healthy lifestyles so that together, we can ensure their healthy wellbeing.

Here is a website which provides advice on what children can eat to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


This is not a complete list but it does give some ideas; there are many websites which will assist you in choosing what may be appropriate for your children to eat.


After School Care Club

Can I remind all parents that they should contact the school office if they wish their children to attend the After School Care Club: cost, £8 per session. Can parents please book well in advance so we can assure all children can attend as we have to ensure ratios are set for adults and children.


Collect Lost Uniform Day

We now have numerous school clothes in the red bins placed in the corridors. Next Friday, 11th May at 3.15pm, we will have these clothes out in the hall where they can all be seen by parents. Please come and collect these uniforms as we will have to give what is left to charity shops. We will then start collecting a new batch of lost uniforms in the red bins!

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