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Happy New Year

Happy New year to all our families and children and I hope you had an enjoyable and peaceful holiday over Christmas. Time flies and we are entering another new year when it seems not that long ago we were celebrating the new millennium!

As always, it is important that we start the new year as we mean to go on and I’m sure we will all agree that attendance for our children in school is critical. It is essential that our children attend school whenever possible as this will ensure they realise their potential and enter high school ready for the demands ahead.

Please find attached the holiday list again for the 2018-19 academic year so you can plan your holidays around these dates.

Sports are an important part of our life at Rack House and we will continue to ensure that our children take part in as many activities as possible and that we continue to take part in competitive matches. We are lucky that in Manchester we have numerous sports our children can excel in, and often do!

Our current year 6 children enter the final calendar year of their lives at Rack House as in September they will make the transition to high school. I realise that our Year 6 children are working extremely hard for their examinations in the summer but we have planned events which will reward their hard

work after these tests so they can have a fantastic ending to their school lives at Rack House.


School Lunches

As you are aware at Rack House we have been taking advice from the Healthy Schools team in Manchester. More and more children are not eating healthily and this will cause a problem for our children in later life. This relates to both Obesity and Dental Decay.  As a result of this advice we have placed healthy options for desserts in school as part of the balanced diet required for our children. The school will only offer healthy options like fruit or low sugar choices to ensure our children get a balanced diet. Also, drinks should be water or milk because of damage to teeth from sugars in juice.

I would like to thank all those parents who send their children in with packed lunches for removing chocolate, crisps pastries etc. We need your support to help our children have healthy lifestyles so that together, we can ensure their healthy wellbeing.

Here is a website which provides advice on what children can eat to ensure a healthy lifestyle.


This is not a complete list but it does give some ideas; there are many websites which will assist you in choosing what may be appropriate for your children to eat.

Indeed, the Healthy Eating initiative has not just affected the children as I too have removed desserts from my meals and  am looking to a healthier lifestyle which includes losing weight over the coming months; hopefully the children can encourage me to eat a healthier, more sustainable diet!

Again, only by working together as a unit, can we improve the diet for all our stakeholders.


Goodbye to Mrs Holt

Mrs Holt, our receptionist at the front of school, who has been with us for 9 years is leaving today to pursue her career elsewhere. We would like to thank her for her hard work over the years and wish her every success in the future.


School INSET

A reminder for all parents that school will be shut to children on Monday 29th January for staff training. It is on the calendar, however this is a reminder.


Parking in the area

I place this on the newsletter every issue, however we really must start to think of our local community. Local residents have once again contacted the school to complain that some parents are parking across driveways and blocking residents in when picking up and dropping off their children for school. If vehicles are parked dangerously, not only is it inconvenient for residents, it also puts our children and parents walking to school at risk.









After School Care Club

Can I remind all parents that they should contact the school office if they wish their children to attend the After School Care Club: cost, £8 per session. We invite you to take advantage of this service.


Your child’s belongings

Please ensure that your child’s school bag, uniform items, PE kit, water bottle and lunch boxes etc. are clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.  There are lost items collected from around school every day and this will help us to identify which children items belong to. Lost property is placed in respective red bins along the corridors of KS1 and KS2 each half term and items will be donated to charity if uncollected. Thank you for your support.

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