School Nativity

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I would like to thank our Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 children for such a magnificent performance of The Nativity on Wednesday and Thursday of this week. All of our children have worked hard to ensure the performance was as good as it was. I know that everyone who attended was delighted to see their children perform and our children have really made us all feel that Christmas has arrived!

I would also like to thank all the staff who have worked so hard on costumes, displays and learning lines! A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to ensure the performance was so good.


School League Tables

The government has just published the Primary school League Tables for 2017 which shows that 88% of our children achieved Age Related Expectations in Year 6 for Reading, Writing and Maths. This places the school second in all Manchester Primary Schools for attainment in these subjects.


Also for the more able the school’s attainment was 20% for Reading, Writing and Maths which places us 4th In Manchester primary schools. I am sure you can celebrate the success of our pupils knowing that your children will achieve well at Rack House.


These results can not be achieved without incredible dedication by the staff, pupils and parents. It is essential we continue to work as a team to ensure that our children enjoy the best education they can and continue to achieve fantastic results.

Here is the link to find the website to compare all schools.



The holiday list for 2018-2019 is out on the school website, if anyone wishes a hard copy please ask at the front desk. Attendance is hugely important to a child’s progress and attainment in school. Pleased book your holidays in holiday time as school can not authorise holidays in term time.

School Lunches

At Rack House we have been taking advice from the Healthy Schools team in Manchester. More and more children are not eating healthily and this will cause a problem for our children in later life. As a result of this advice we have decided that only healthy options for desserts in school will be offered. The school will only offer healthy options like fruit or low sugar options to ensure our children get a fully balanced diet.


If you send your children in with packed lunches, please do not send in chocolate, crisps pastries etc. We need your support to help our children have healthy lifestyles, together, we can ensure that this happens.


Coats in school

Can I ask that all parents send their children into school with a warm coat as some children are coming to school without coats! We can not let children out at break times when it is cold without coats and would ask that we ensure children have coats on when they leave your house.


Christmas Fayre

Our Christmas Fayre was a huge success and many thanks once again for your support. Over £600 was raised for funds which will be spent directly on the children. Many thanks for all the gifts and for spending your time and money in supporting the school.


Christmas Jumper Day

Today our children may wore their own clothes to school including a Christmas Jumper. It was great to see all the numerous jumper designs and really allows us to feel Christmas is close.


School Reading Books

Parents we are having an amnesty for any reading books which you have at home! Can you please check your houses and return any books to school from January, all children will change their books once a week on set days, these are listed below;


Monday – Y5/6

Tuesday – Y3/4

Wednesday – Year 2

Thursday – Year 1

Friday – Reception


Each child will take TWO books, and change them the following week.


A £2 donation will be asked for when a book is lost or not returned from January.


Parking in the area

I place this on the newsletter every week, however we really must start to think of our local community. Local residents have once again contacted the school to complain that some parents are parking across driveways and blocking residents in when picking up and dropping off their children for school. If vehicles are parked dangerously, not only is it inconvenient for residents, it also puts our children and parents walking to school at risk.


Police will be patrolling the area as residents have made official complaints to the school and local police. Can we please be mindful that we are all entitled to get in and out of our driveways freely so please respect our neighbours to encourage goodwill within our community.


Also, I do not wish any person to be injured because a child or adult cannot be seen by other road users due to inconsiderate parking. Walking to and away from school is much healthier for the children and would solve these problems.


After School Care Club

Can I remind all parents that they should contact the school office if they wish their children to attend the After School Care Club: cost, £8 per session. We invite you to take advantage of this service.


Your child’s belongings

Please ensure that your child’s school bag, uniform items, PE kit, water bottle and lunch boxes etc. are clearly labelled with your child’s name and class.  There are lost items collected from around school every day and this will help us to identify which children items belong to. Lost property is placed in respective red bins along the corridors of KS1 and KS2 each half term and items will be donated to charity if uncollected. Thank you for your support.

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