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Welcome back! I hope you all had a good holiday.

The winners of the Attendance Raffle for lat term were: Sara Ikhlaq R1, Zyra Wolstenholme R2, Rayna Bizimana 1EM, Mason Watson 1NA, Mackenzie Smallman 2AW, Ryan McBride 2NB, Ramone Jackson 3JW, Hadley Watson 3SC, Omid Nazari 4AR, Louis Roscoe 4MO, Paige Cunliffe 5JW, Ray Bizimana 5LH, Thomas Anstee 6AT and Liam Doyle 6MW. Well done!! I hope you all spent them on something special for yourselves.

Last weeks attendance winner in Rec and KS1 was Miss Holden’s R2 with 98.1% and the winner in KS2 was Mr Whelan’s 3JW with…… 100%!! Fantastic-  well done to both classes!!

As a whole school, we are doing really well with attendance despite some viruses hanging around so thank you for supporting us with this.

Unfortunately some of our pupils are regularly arriving at school late. Can I please remind you that the school day starts 8.55am. The doors open at 8.45am to allow the children to hang up their coats etc and be ready to start their guided reading or phonics lesson at 9.00am.

Please make every effort to have your child in on time every day.

If you would like any support or advice on issues that may be affecting your child’s attendance or punctuality please contact me.

Miss Kelly

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