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Our school children have just finished their last performance of the school production, The Lion King. All of the children who took part showed their abilities to work as a team and to produce a magnificent production which everyone enjoyed.


There were lots of lines to learn for the main roles which all of our children did magnificently and they were excellently supported by our choir of singers! The children looked and sounded superb! Well done to all of our fabulous children who took many months to learn lines, songs and take part in rehearsals to ensure the show was such a success.


I must mention Ms O’Shea and Mr Smith who also assisted in the production. Many thanks to Ms O’Shea for producing the fantastic costumes for all the children who looked fantastic. Also many thanks to Mr Smith who will produce a disc showing the highlights of the production which will go on the website.


Finally I must thank the numerous members of staff who gave up their evenings and weekends to ensure that this production was such a success. Mrs Baird and Miss MacPherson led the design production, Miss O’Connor and Miss Worthington worked on choreography and vocals. Miss Talbot had the idea and drive to ensure the production was so successful. Well done to all involved.


In Year 4 we welcome Miss Kavanagh who will be joining us from a school in Runcorn. Finally, in Year 5, we welcome back Miss Hodgkinson, who was a trainee teacher with us 12 months ago and has gone on to complete her first year in teaching at another Wythenshawe school.


SATs Results


The Key stage 2 SATs results were released this week with Rack House children once again showing they are fabulous learners. The children’s results were a credit to them, their families and the school. The national combined Average for achieving the Expected Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths was 61%. At Rack House our children achieved 81%! This means our children attained 33% more than the National Average which is a tremendous achievement.


Well done to all our children who are ready to move to High School in the full knowledge they are truly on the path to success. The details of all results are published below;

In 2017 the GLD for EYFS is 63%.

At KS 1 for 2017, the results are as follows;


2017 School % 2016 NA %
Reading 72  ( 16% GD) 74
Writing 60  ( 11% GD) 66
Maths 70  ( 19% GD) 73
SPAG 60  ( 4%   GD)  
Combined RWM 58  (11%  GD) 60


At KS 2 for 2017, the results are as follows;


2017 School % 2016 NA %
Reading 81  ( 26% GD) 66 (19% GD)
Writing 86  ( 26% GD) 74 (15% GD)
Maths 93  ( 55% GD) 70 (17% GD)
SPAG 88  ( 50% GD)) 72 (18% GD)
Combined RWM 81  ( 17% GD) 53 (5% GD)

The results for all key stages have seen an improvement for attainment and progress in 2016-17.



Summer Fayre

Last Friday we held our annual summer fayre for all and it was a massive success because of your support. Many thanks to all those who donated and those who attended and supported the school


The school managed to raise in the region of £600 because of your fantastic support and this money goes to help subsidise such fantastic events like the school production which we have just seen.


Sports Gold Mark

This week Rack House was informed that we have achieved the Sports Gold Mark in recognition of all the sporting activities which take place in school. Mrs Nilan applied for the mark and collated all the information necessary to achieve this national award.


This award recognises all the various after school sporting clubs organised, football tournaments in and out of school, rugby and running activies. It also recognises the excellent teaching of sports taking place in school.


We are very proud of all the activities our children take part in and thank you for your support in this. It is always nice to achieve a national award and the Gold award is obviously a great achievement.


Well done to Mrs Nilan and her staff.


Healthy Eating

We are trying to ensure that the school is a healthy area for all of our pupils. Some children have been coming into school with bags of sweets, chocolates and crisps. Can you ensure that these items are no longer sent into school for the children to eat at break times. There are plenty of alternative healthy snacks for children to eat instead of these sugar based items. In this way you can help support developing healthy ideas for our children, promote a good diet and save numerous trips to the dentist! Once again, I thank you for your support in this matter.

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